Dashcams: The eyewitness that never blinks

With accidents and collisions taking place on the British roads every day, British motorists have increasingly started installing dashboard cameras in their vehicles – commonly known as “dashcams” – in order to protect themselves from false motor claims and insurance scams. Market research conducted by GFK shows that dashcams have encountered a recent surge in popularity in the UK, with sales increasing 918% since last year.

Dashboard cameras, are in-car recorders that turn on and start recording as soon as the engine starts. It records all the activity happening in front of your vehicle while you are driving, providing footage to document what happens on the road. They come with a built-in memory and record on a continuous loop, ensuring that you never miss an incident.

With false litigation and insurance scams on the rise, dashcams are no longer just a good idea. Driving a vehicle on busy British roads where over 450 accidents happen a day makes a dashcam a necessity. Adopting this kind of in-car gadget can make a world of a difference.

In November last year, insurance giant Aviva reported that “crash for cash” incidents have hit an all-time high with a 21% increase on fraudulent claims from 2013. In such a scam, fraudsters deliberately cause a car crash in order to file a greatly exaggerated insurance claim.


These tend to involve the driver slamming the brakes on suddenly so that the unsuspecting victim does not have time to stop before crashing into the back of the car in front. After the two parties exchange insurance details the fraudster’s will go on to claim compensation for fabricated whiplash injuries and vehicle damage.

According to a report published by the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), these “crash for cash” scams cost honest policyholders roughly £400m a year, creating a huge problem for insurers. The use of dashboard recording equipment can help minimize the cost of such scams which is why insurance companies are keen for drivers to use them.

The dashcam is the missing witness in the event of an accident. The footage can be used as evidence should you be involved in a non-fault accident or attempted fraud. Installing a dashcam could save motorists hundreds of pounds in insurance fees. Several insurers in the UK, including Swiftcover and AdrianFlux, offer users of dashcams up to 15% discounts on premiums.

Dashcams are the in-car technology motorists should welcome with open arms. The recent rise in popularity of dashcams has led to huge improvements in the technology behind them. Take Speedcam Systems’ DragonFly Dashcam for example.

The Dragonfly Dashcam is so named because a Dragonfly has excellent eyesight, both during the day and at night making it perfectly adapted to its purpose. The Auto-record function automatically turns on as soon as the engine starts and turns off 10 seconds after you stop so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to use it. The pre-installed 8GB SD card means you’re not about to run out of recording space any time soon either.


The Dragonfly Dashcam’s coolest feature has to be the G-force sensor which detects excessive and unexpected force, such as in the case of a collision, and automatically saves the recording to ensure footage of an incident is not lost. The Dragonfly Dashcam is available with a 55% discount from payment processor Nochex here.

For most of us, our car is one of the most expensive items we own. We don’t’ want to see anything bad happen to it in the first place, but we’d like to be protected, just in case. Installing a dashboard camera in your car is one way to look after your vehicle – and yourself!

You never know when you’ll need a camera in your car, but when you do the dashcam is there, ready to record.

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