Manaleak – Magic: The Gathering fantasy gaming

Magic: the Gathering was created in 1993 by Dr Richard Garfield and published by gaming company Wizards of the Coast. The same company which later acquired popular role playing game ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ and published the globally popular Pokémon trading card game.

When launched at events across 1993, Magic: the Gathering found instant success. At a gaming convention in August 1993 the game completely sold out of 2.5 million cards, a supply which had been scheduled to last until the end of the year. In its early days Magic was so popular that Wizards of the Coast were reluctant to advertise the game because they were unable to keep up with demand. 22 years on and the honeymoon has not stopped. It is currently the world’s most popular trading card game with over 12 million players worldwide.

This huge Magic community has created a market for all things Magic, whether it be the trading cards themselves, Magic merchandise (such as these cute figurines) or events such as competitions and conferences.

Magic players can even win large prizes at these competitions such as the $40,000 grand prize taken home by the winner of the Pro Tour. These illustrious competitions have given rise to Magic celebrities including the infamous Jon Finkel who has won over $350,000 during his playing career. Finkel is a name so synonymous with the Magic community he has been immortalised in his own Magic playing card.

Magic: The Gathering card design

The Magic community has given rise to businesses catering to Magic players. One such example is Manaleak which cover just about every aspect of the industry.

Manaleak is a great example of a bedroom project developing into a nationally known business thanks to the efforts and entrepreneurial nature of the brains behind it. It started out in the bedroom of a university student. Today Manaleak is the market leader in the UK gaming market and plays host to the country’s largest online community for players of Magic: The Gathering.

Managing Director of Manaleak, Tu Nguyen, has a real passion for Magic and this shows in the way he runs his business. He knows what Magic fans want and seeks to provide this whether it’s via the extensive collection of cards and merchandise available in the online store, top quality Magic related articles or the forums that provide an online community for Magic fans to discuss all things Magic.

For an online community of all things Magic and a one stop shop for all your playing needs, go to

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