5 easy tips to declutter your home

As a follow up to last weeks merchant profile on the marvelous Scatty Squirrel, today we are going to give some tips on how to declutter your home. Easter is a popular time to reorganise the house and get rid of that unnecessary clutter. But how does one go about starting. We list five easy-to-follow steps that will get you on the right track to decluttering your home.

Declutter specific areas at a time

Where to start? – Is a question so difficult that it is often easier not to start at all than deal with this mind-boggling problem. You are unlikely to have the time to do the whole house at once so choose one small area of a room and do that before you move onto anything else. I like to start with the desk as this is often covered with piles of documents and papers, most of which can be filed neatly in the shredder.

Create an efficient filing system and learn to file quickly

After I have decluttered the desk I will tend to move on to a shelf as my second port of call. Completely clear a shelf and designate it as a filing system with different sections for different documents. Once documents have their own place, keeping tidy will be a lot easier. It is easy to fall into a habit of putting all document, leaflets and magazines into one super, all encompassing pile of ‘things’ but if you have an organised filing system this won’t happen.Clutter

Learn to throw things out

The biggest cause of clutter is rubbish. Going round the house with a bin bag (or three) will take care of most of the decluttering without having to find a new places for all those household goods you never use. This is easier said then done and it is easy to become a hoarder. It is time to admit that video player that has not been used since 1998 and those spare aerials that don’t appear to have originated from anywhere whatsoever are never going to be used and have to go.


If you are struggling to throw things out because you think they are still of worth then donate them to charity shops instead. You may find it is easier to get rid of something that you never use if it is going to a good cause. Hopefully there will be someone out there who actually has need for that TV that looks like it is still in black and white.

Make use of storage space 

Your home is likely to be full of underutilized storage space goldmines. Under the bed, for example, is one space that is rarely used to its full potential. Instead of just pushing bits and bobs under there like a modern day Mary Poppins get some baskets or boxes and give each item a rightful home.

There are lots of innovative storage solutions on the market right now that can turn dead space into creative storage ideas. For example, these door hanging pockets from Scatty Squirrel will turn any door, cupboard or end of shelf into a storage goldmine.

Wicker baskets are very popular right now and can easily transform a collections of miscellaneous items into a great addition to the aesthetics of a room. This basket, for example, will store your items, look good in the process and also double up as a stool. Talk about multi-function furniture!

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