Scatty Squirrel

The definition of Scatty in the Oxford English dictionary is ‘Absent-minded and disorganised’. I don’t mean to call every user of Scatty Squirrel absent-minded and disorganised – in fact I mean to call them the exact opposite. We can all be a bit messy at times – especially around the house where it is easy to accumulate more items then you know what to do with. Luckily Scatty Squirrel are here to help.

scatty squirrel

Scatty Squirrel is for the type of squirrel that might forget where it has stored its nuts and panic come feeding time. With the smart storage solutions offered by Scatty Squirrel you will never have to worry about your nuts again. Okay, the Squirrel analogy ends here.

The wide range of products available from Scatty Squirrel do not only provide innovative and creative ways of dealing with clutter but they look good too!

Take this set of five wicker baskets, for example, which are useful for storing anything from spare bed linen to computer equipment. Wicker baskets are very popular right now and can easily transform a collections of items into a great addition to the aesthetics of a room. This basket will store your items and look great in the process! If you are feeling really innovative you could even use it as a stool.

Wicker Basket / Stool

Scatty Squirrel have lots of cool products that transform otherwise dead space into creative storage solutions. These door hanging pockets will turn any door into a storage goldmine. If you are stuck for space for your clutter this is a great way of making use of otherwise unused areas.

More than just storage

Scatty Squirrel don’t just stop at storage, they also stock a huge variety of garden equipment including barbecues, chimeneas and fire pits. This 18 piece barbecue tool set comes with a fancy case and is only £20!

Take your family meals outside with this six piece table and chair set and give any garden a homely feel and is only £149.

There is a huge variety of furniture to make your summer BBQ really stand out from the rest and all at ridiculously good prices. Browse their extensive collection on their website at

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