Living Willow structures with Kings Barn Trees

I recently had my eyes opened to the wonderful world of Willow by Kings Barn Trees.

Kings Barn Trees is a West Sussex based tree nursery growing over 50 different species of tree and specialising in Eucalyptus. They stock an absolutely huge variety but this Nochex blogger is most fascinated by their Willow kits that can be used to create a wide range of living garden structures.

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Hormones in Willow branches promote root growth enabling continued cultivation when replanted. The cuttings of Willow trees, which are called ‘whips’, will readily grow into new plants when inserted about 30cm into the ground. This may seem tough work but it is easier than it sounds. The thin and sharp nature of these whips make them relatively easy to push quite deep into the ground.

With one of Kings Barn’s kits you can easily create cool garden structures such as wigwams, playhouses and tunnels that will continue to grow. Creating your own Willow structure is a really rewarding activity as it gives you something you can watch grow over time. This is popular among parents to get the whole family involved with.

This Willow Wigwam Set comes with ‘Flexi-Tie’ rubber string that can be used to tie the whips into a wigwam with ease. This can then be combined with climbing plants such as Ivy or Wisteria to add a beautiful dense foliage to the mix.

When creating designs from Willow, the possibilities really are endless. If you are willing to put the effort in you can make almost anything from Willow.


Some truly inspirational structures have been created from Willow in the past.The design above is called Sandworm and is situated on Wenduine beach in Belgium. Visitors to the beach have likened it to a Willow cathedral. Finnish architect Marco Casagrande designed it based on the idea that it is the surrounding area that gives an object its true value. Well it certainly has a lovely surrounding area!


Willow is a tree best planted in Winter. Its ideal planting time is November to March so get some now to give your structure optimum growth. Find some ready-to-grow willow cuttings, full willow structure kits and a collection of growing accessories at

Read Kings Barn’s testimonial on the Nochex website here.

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