Multi-Seller Account

multi-sellerNochex is offering a unique solution for business owners who want to start their own online marketplace.

The new account is called a Multi-Seller Account and allows merchants to sign up ‘sub-merchants’ who sell through their website. This innovative new service allows the business owner to form a hand-picked collection of quality sellers and let Nochex worry about the payments.

Recent years have seen ventures such as Just Eat shoot to success with similar models. New businesses are regularly popping up from ambitious entrepreneurs aiming to replicate the Just Eat platform.

Commenting on this exciting new service, Marketing Coordinator at Nochex, Alistair Mason, said:

“The Multi-Seller Account is a great way to set up a business. Spirit Boutique are a fantastic example of a Multi-Seller Account in action. Since being set up it has grown and grown. We are constantly receiving applications from new merchants wanting to join the Spirit Boutique revolution. Their website is fantastic and is host to a fantastic collection of boutique designers.”

Spirit Boutique was set up back in 2012 and has since been used as a pilot scheme for the new account. With Spirit Boutique Nochex has been able to thoroughly test and develop the Multi-Seller account in order to create the ultimate marketplace platform.

As Nochex take care of the sign ups and the payments, the merchant can focus on attracting new consumers and new merchants. This provides a profitable model for entrepreneurs looking to build such a business.

Read more about the Nochex Multi-Seller account at:

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