Spirit Boutique: Multi-Seller Success

Spirit Boutique is a fascinating success story of the Nochex Merchant Account. They operate on the Nochex Multi-Seller platform which enables merchants to set up a website providing other ‘sub-merchants’ with a platform to advertise and sell their goods.

Spirit Boutique RGB Format Logo

Spirit Boutique spawned out of the Spirit of Christmas Fair which launched in 2001 and is still going strong today. The trade conference takes place at the Olympia, London and provides hundreds of bespoke retailers with the chance to sell to consumers and wholesalers alike. On average, each visitor to the fair spends over £500 giving sellers a fantastic opportunity to generate sales and reach new customers.

The fair has been a huge success in providing small designers with a place to sell their wares. Now, with the help of Nochex, this trade fair has been taken online. Since opening a Multi-Seller Account in 2012 Spirit Boutique has not stopped growing. Nochex are constantly receiving applications from sellers looking to join the Spirit Boutique revolution.

Their website is full of bespoke designers selling a huge variety of clothing and home-ware as well as a selection of chic and kitsch gifts. Through using the Multi-Seller format Spirit Boutique are able to create a hand-picked selection of quality sellers so that you know you are only getting the best when you shop with Spirit Boutique.


spirit boutique website

Spirit Boutique has been able to benefit from the Nochex Multi-Seller Account – a service which has been exclusive to Spirit Boutique since 2012 but is now available to anyone looking to start an online marketplace. Nochex take care of their set-up fees and payments and also provide support to sub-merchants allowing Clarion Events (the brain boxes behind Spirit Boutique) to focus on building their website and attracting new merchants.

Find out more about Spirit Boutique at their website http://www.spirit-boutique.com/

Learn how Spirit Boutique have benefited from their Multi-Seller Account in their Nochex Testimonial.

And learn more about the Nochex Multi-Seller Account here.


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  1. […] Spirit Boutique was set up back in 2012 and has since been used as a pilot scheme for the new account. With Spirit Boutique Nochex has been able to thoroughly test and develop the Multi-Seller account in order to create the ultimate marketplace platform. […]

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