Amiska Decor

When Amiska Decor first started out, as Marshall’s in 1959, they sold TV sets. Today in 2014 things are a little different.

Now in their 55th successful year they have moved into the industry of luxury household and garden decor. Amiska are specialists in Asian decor, with tonnes of authentic Oriental goods available online.

In their rug department you will find vintage Moroccan, Turkish, Persian, Afghanistani, Indian and English rugs. As well as stocking a large amount of antique rugs, they have a team of rug restoration partners based in Turkey – a country renowned for its history of producing fine rugs.

Their team of dedicated professionals will perform repair work or restore old rugs to their original quality. Accuracy is key when it comes to rug restoration and attention-to-detail is their forte. They have a laboratory in their workshop capable of matching up to 2000 colours to ensure colour and pattern consistency is not lost no matter how damaged the rug is.


Rugs are not where the expertise of Amiska end. They have lamps from every corner of the globe including China, Italy, France, Thailand, England, Scotland, U.S.A, Canada, Japan and more. Whatever style of lamp you are want, chances are, Amiska have it.

I could go on to discuss their extensive collections of garden furniture, vases, mirrors, chairs and more but I would be here all day. Amiska are essentially experts in everything decorative.

Find out on their website.

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