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Spirit Boutique: Multi-Seller Success

Spirit Boutique is a fascinating success story of the Nochex Merchant Account. They operate on the Nochex Multi-Seller platform which enables merchants to set up a website providing other ‘sub-merchants’ with a platform to advertise and sell their goods. Spirit Boutique spawned

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New Nochex Homepage

Great news everyone! We have got rid of that rusty old homepage and replaced it with a new and improved one. Have a look and see what you think at We know a lot of you might be sentimental about the

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Amiska Decor

When Amiska Decor first started out, as Marshall’s in 1959, they sold TV sets. Today in 2014 things are a little different. Now in their 55th successful year they have moved into the industry of luxury household and garden decor. Amiska

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