Black Friday and Cyber Monday: What’s it all about?

Cyber Monday is a shopping phenomenon that has spawned out of popular U.S shopping event: Black Friday. Black Friday occurs the day after American holiday Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the festive shopping season. Black Friday can be dated back to the late 19th century when American department stores would sponsor Thanksgiving day parades in order to make a big advertising push before Christmas.  Eventually it became tradition that there was an unwritten rule not to advertise before the parade was over.

The phrase Black Friday was coined by Philadelphia police in 1961 to describe the traffic jams and general disruption that accompany the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday is now a staple part of the American calendar with many states even declaring it a public holiday.


Cyber Monday occurs the Monday after Black Friday. The phrase originates from research in 2004 showing that the Monday following Thanksgiving was the biggest online shopping day of the year. After a busy weekend of Christmas shopping workers would return to the office on Monday to finish off their lists online.

Not ones to miss out on an opportunity, online retailers have now started using Cyber Monday to entice shoppers with large discounts and offers. With Christmas shoppers starting to do most of their shopping online; Cyber Monday is set to outgrow Black Friday as the biggest shopping date of the year.

These American traditions have now made their way across the pond and into British retail as UK businesses start to take advantage of these shopping phenomenons. Cyber Monday has been Nochex’s busiest day for the last three years running.

Look out for good discounts on Monday and shop around in order to get the best deal. Keep an eye on the Nochex Twitter feed for any Nochex merchants offering discounts this weekend.

Nochex are offering an 80% discount on the Merchant Account meaning the price is down to £10 from the usual £50. This offer is running on all applications received before midnight on Sunday.

Spirit Boutique have announced a sale of 15% off everything from 9am Friday 28th November to 9am Tuesday 2nd December.

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