Unique Gift Ideas: Photo Memento

Memento logo

Photo Memento are a family run company that make valuing family the nature of their business. They offer personalised photo gifts for every occasion. With photo memento you can print a photo of your choice on an endless list of items.

They sell mugs, coasters, place mats, plates, bags, mobile cases, clocks, purses and wallets, jigsaws, cushions, commemorative plaques, jewellery pendants, soft toys and more.

Photo Memento’s easy-to-use website makes buying a completely personalised gift for a loved one incredibly simple. Their smart preview service allows you to easily upload and edit your photo to see how it looks before you make a purchase.

Memento previewDemonstrated on the right with a commemorative plate, Photo Memento allow you to upload your image on their website and change its positioning, size and dimensions so you can really perfect your present.

With the ability to choose your own photo the possibilities are endless. Perhaps you want to buy mum a mug with a picture of the kids on it or an iPod case with a picture of the family pet.

Maybe you have a fun or embarrassing photo that reminds you of a memorable occasion. Don’t just leave them sitting on Facebook – immortalise them on a commemorative plaque.

To find out more go to the Photo Memento website or read their testimonial on our website.

Has anyone ever bought a personalised photo gift before? What would you put on your gift?

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.



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