Blogging Tips for Small Businesses


A few weeks ago on the Nochex blog, we suggested that adding a blog to your website was a great way to improve your SEO. Today, here are some tips on how to make your blog a great asset to your website and your business.

1 ) What to write about: Your blog can be whatever you want it to be! If you’re stuck for ideas, good things to write about could be a new product or company news such as an event or a new direction your business is moving in. You could also write commentary on news and current affairs affecting your industry or use your blog as an area to publish customer support posts on how to use your products.

2) Post regularly: Your blog will not gain readers or garner SEO benefit if you do not update it regularly. Once a week is good to aim for, but try not to post any less frequently than once a fortnight, even if it’s only a short entry. Equally, don’t post too much at once unless you can keep it up, many blogging platforms offer a feature where you can write a post and schedule it to post automatically at a later date.

3) Use links and tags: As well as having SEO benefits, links and tags make it easier for interested people to find your blog. Take a look at our blog post for advice on what Anchor Text to use in a hyperlink.

4) Use Pictures: A no-brainer – they say 1,000 words and make your blog look more attractive!

5) Encourage comments: Blogs can be a great area for discussion so do approve and respond to appropriate comments from your readers. This makes you look sociable and can be a great way to connect with your customers.

6) Share on social media: We gave you some tips on the Nochex blog on how to use twitter effectively. Twitter is an excellent platform on which to share blog posts. Use hashtags for the subjects of your post and tag relevant people to give your post the opportunity to gain more traction. Consider posting your content more than once with a few hours gap in between, changing the wording of your tweet each time.

Space is less of an issue when posting on Linkedin and Facebook and you have more of an opportunity to use pictures or video, so use these platforms to share your posts in a more in depth manner. Remember that Linkedin is a professional platform so moderate your language accordingly and bear in mind that some posts may not be suitable.

and finally….

Have Fun!
Running a small business takes an innovative and driven personality and your blog is the perfect outlet to showcase your creativity and put a personal stamp on your website. Nochex hope you feel inspired but not limited by these tips and enjoy blogging as much as we do.

Check back soon for more marketing tips for small businesses!

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