Twitter Tips for Small Businesses


Nochex Marketing Top Tips: Make Twitter Work For Your Small Business

Twitter can be a powerful tool for small businesses, particularly Nochex merchants as for many of you the majority of your sales happen online. Twitter allows you to stay in touch with your customers and connect with others in your industry, but only if you use it in a way that works for you. Here at Nochex, we understand that Twitter can be daunting for some small business owners and we are currently embarking on a journey to improve your own social media. Why not join us?

1) First impressions are important: As a small business owner you probably have a good idea of how you want to present your business and your twitter account should be consistent with this. Be willing to put some thought and effort into your twitter profile, it should look good and have a well written biography. Many people won’t bother to follow someone without a profile picture, for example, so don’t fall at these first simple hurdles!

2) Tell people you’re on twitter: The first step to gaining followers is to let your current audience know that you are on twitter. You can add your twitter handle (or you could use a link button) to your site’s homepage, your email signature, your business cards, anywhere. If you give a talk, ask your audience to follow you on twitter. Whilst this is a good way to start it won’t get you very far unless you…

3) Join in with your industry’s conversation: Twitter is primarily a way to connect with people who share your interests. Follow people in your industry – your competitors, customers, suppliers and industry publications – and interact with them. As well as getting your own voice heard, twitter can be a great way to find out about information and opportunities that are useful to you. When interacting on twitter try to…

4) Be generous: Twitter is a community – the more you favourite and retweet other users’ tweets the more they will be willing to reciprocate. It’s called social networking for a reason and a positive tweet about a journalist’s article or a retweet of a business’ offer can be a good step towards a better connection with them, although don’t be too much of a brown nose!

5) Stagger your tweets: Woke up today with 5 great tweet ideas? Great! But don’t overwhelm your followers by tweeting too much at once. You may prefer to work 9 to 5 but your audience can be on twitter at any time. Use tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite to stagger tweets throughout the day.

6) Don’t over-advertise: This may seem counterproductive seeing as presumably one of the main reasons you are on twitter is to generate leads but the consensus is that too much self-promotion alienates your followers. Obviously twitter is a great tool to share content but it should be a conversation not a monologue – the more interesting and outward-facing your account is, the more people will be eager to follow you and willing to listen when you want to promote that product, blog post or piece of company news.

What twitter tips would you give to small businesses? How do you make twitter work for you? Feel free to comment below.

Follow our new twitter account @NochexLtd for the latest start-up and small business news as well as updates on Nochex and our wonderful merchants.

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