Nochex Marketing Top Tip: Improve your Page-Loading Speed


It has been proven that page speed has a significant impact on site to sales conversions. The longer your site takes to load, the fewer customers you will retain. 

You can check and improve your webpage-loading speed using these 5 simple tips:

  1.  Tools such as can test the speed of your website. 0-3 seconds is considered a fast page-load speed, 3-7 seconds is average and anything over 7 is classed as a slow page-loading speed.
  2. Use tools such as Google Developer to identify why your page-loading speed is slow. You can then address these problems yourself or discuss them with your web developer.
  3. Talk to your web host to get yourself a faster server.
  4. If you are uploading images to your site yourself, make sure you optimise your images and specify the image dimensions. Smaller file sizes will make your images easier to load.
  5. Fix all broken links. Links that do not work create more work for your website and slow down the page-loading speed.

Remember, search engines can take page loading speed into consideration for SEO rankings, so improving your page-loading speed will not only improve your user experience, but also your SEO.

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