Wayuu Life: authentic and ethically sourced artisan bags from Colombia

New London business and Nochex Merchant Wayuu Life offer a unique and fascinating product which is starting to turn heads.

Wayuu Life

Wayuu Life

Wayuu Life sell artisan bags handmade by the Wayuu, an indigenous people from La Guajira, a peninsula in North East Colombia. These artisan bags, known as ‘mochilas,’ are hugely popular in Colombia and are quickly gaining popularity in parts of the US and Europe.

What makes Wayuu Life such a remarkable business is that they purchase the mochilas directly from the Indigenous communities. This not only reflects the company’s extraordinary level of commitment to the Wayuu people in times of economic and cultural hardship, but also means they are able to offer extremely competitive prices. Wayuu Life pay the Wayuu a fair price for all of their products.

Mochilas, which literally means ‘bag’ in English, are hand woven from cotton by Wayuu women. Each mochila is made by one woman and takes her approximately three weeks to finish. Every mochila design is unique and holds a specific meaning to the weaver; different colours of patterns representing a story, cultural event or identity. Today the sale of mochilas have become an essential means of financial support for the Wayuu people, helping to preserve their traditional way of life.

Weaving is an important part of the cultural education of Wayuu girls and seen by the Wayuu as the ultimate symbol of wisdom, intelligence and creativity. Unfortunately at present the Wayuu and their traditions are under threat, with the communities facing increased poverty and a crisis of cultural identity. According to UNICEF the Wayuu region ranks as the second poorest place in Latin America after Haiti. To find out more about the Wayuu, visit the website of The Wayuu Taya Foundation, a non-profit organisation endorsed by Wayuu Life.

These remarkable bags truly make a unique and special addition to your wardrobe or the perfect gift, all whilst supporting a people in need. To purchase your mochila or to find out more, please visit www.wayuulife.co.uk

yellow wayuu bag

Wayuu Life

Wayuu Life


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