Loom Bands – Nochex Merchant leads the way in new craze

‘Loom bands’ are the latest craze to hit the UK, with sales rocketing by 300% in recent months. Looms are brightly coloured elastic bands that can be looped together with fingers or a board to make friendship bracelets, key rings charms and necklaces. They have not only taken the playground by storm; Loom band bracelets have been seen on the arms of the likes of Harry Styles and Kate Middleton.

Nochex merchant Loom Club UK provide one of the largest selection of loom band kits and the latest refills available in the UK. They offer free delivery direct from their UK warehouse. For more information, visit loomclub.co.uk, or follow Loom Club on twitter.

You can also purchase Loom Club’s bands direct from the Nochex Marketplace.




Nochex Marketplace

Nochex Marketplace

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2 comments on “Loom Bands – Nochex Merchant leads the way in new craze
  1. Jerry says:

    This post is so good to read. Great!!
    Many thanks for sharing, could I post it on my blog to share with my families?

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