‘Traditional Food in Yorkshire’ – new book published by Nochex merchant Prospect Books released tomorrow

Independent publishers and Nochex merchants Prospect Books present a book that every Yorkshireman needs. Traditional Food in Yorkshire is a new study of English food by expert food historian Peter Brears, former director of Leeds City Museums.

It is rare for food to be considered in such a serious yet engaging manner. Brears opens with an examination of the various economic and social groups in the county and then progresses to a study of cooking, fuel and technology, followed by single subject chapters on staple foods such as porridge, bread, meat and puddings. Later chapters provide a fascinating insight into food related folklore practices such as fairs, headwashings, weddings and funerals.

Peter Brears is one of the UK’s foremost authorities on historical kitchens and cooking technology. Last year he published Traditional Food in Northumbria, and with Traditional Food in Yorkshire he gives the same treatment to his home county. Brears will be publishing Cooking & Dining in Tudor & Early Stuart England later this year, also with Prospect Books.

Nochex is proud of being a Yorkshire business and we are excited that people will be buying this excellent book through our payment services. To get yourself a copy, please visit Prospect Books’ website.

'Traditional Food in Yorkshire' - Prospect Books

‘Traditional Food in Yorkshire’ – Prospect Books


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